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PostSubject: Chatbox   Sun Jul 29, 2007 3:27 pm

There is a Chatbox on the main page of the forum. Only registered members can see and participate. Please enter the Chatbox when you are on the forum.
You can send messages even when no one is online in the chat! We can see what you've wrote when we log in.

How to use it:
- Log In on your account and go to the main page of the forum.
- Click "Log In" at the upper right corner of the Chatbox.
Now you've joined the Chatbox
- Type messages in the bar at the bottom right corner and press "Enter" to send.


Type /away to set your status to Away

Users with an "@" in front of their name is a Chat Moderator. They have to take care of the Chat. The Administrator is the all time Chat Mod but she can make other users a mod and unmod them at any time.

Codes for Mods:
Type /kick USERNAME to kick the user. (he can still log in)
Type /ban USERNAME to ban the user out of the chatbox. (he is unable to see the chat untill he gets unbanned)
Type /unban USERNAME to unban that user.
Type /clear to clear the chat

- It's 1 Chatbox so ALL participants can see what you write, it's not that you're chatting with 1 person.
- Everytime you re-enter the main page you have to Log In again.
- After a while if you don't make any moves, your status will set to "Away"
- After a while if you don't make any moves and your status is "Away", you'll get disconnected from the Chatbox.

If you want to open the Chatbox in a new window (so you don't have to go to the main page everytime) Click "Join the Chat" at the bottom of the main page.
Click "Archives" at the upper right corner next to "Log In" to see the old chat where other users might have chatted before you came online.
Click "Refresh" to clear the chat, so other users, who came online after you, can't see you old chat anymore.

Feel free to ask questions if you don't understand something.
Please report bugs if there are any.

Have Fun lololol,
Yongi (aww T_T my head hurts becuz of writing in admin style english language)
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