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PostSubject: Members Groups   Tue Aug 14, 2007 2:45 am

Ok, i've made new Moderators and switched some members to other groups. Cause of inactivity, I just had to change it... some mods were inactive.
It's on alphabetic order. The name of the leaders of every group is underlined. (BTW, there was no particular reason for me to choose leaders... i just chose the one who i think that he deserves it or just because he is themost active one)

Administrator: Runs and has all accesses to the forums.
- Yongi

Moderators: Helps the Admin and takes care of stuff thats going on the forums.
- Covernant
- Glocker

Trusted Members : Has been in CP for a very long time.
- BlindAngel
- Bobcaticus
- Ekainen
- --Lenalee--

Clan Members: All clan members.
- Kaherdin
- martinziek
- Nariek
- NekoMarkus
- Prins
- Rule
- ZotoM

I should give the leaders a job... well the leader needs to take care of the group lol!

InGameName: Cutiefull

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Members Groups
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